Honestly, I don't know why these people interest you. If you've read the series, you ought to know who everyone is. Beyond that, you're just being nosy. Whatever. Have some dossiers.


Name: Carmine
Age: 17 (volume 1)
Height: 5'1" (5'3" in boots)
Build: narrow, petite
Hair: about shoulder length, wavy auburn
Eyes: brown
Nature: curious, tenacious, anxious/eager
Demeanor: naive, stubborn, impatient
Family: unknown
Ambitions: become as good a hunter as Martha (her instructor-of-sometimes, back in Starllam)
Ideal occupation: a professional sport fighter or a hunter
Talents: quick study
Habits: daydreaming (flighty)
Hobbies: reading, practicing
Likes: watching others
Dislikes: drunks
Favorite entertainment: a good book
Least favorite entertainment: slow, detailed work - like sewing (she'd leave that to May, her old best friend, or Mara)
Favorite food: cake (any kind)
Least favorite food: onions, peppers
Favorite color: red
Least favorite color: green
Little known fact: used to want to grow up to be a "fine lady", long, long ago
Most likely to spend money on: new weapons or books
Weapon of choice: quarter staff
Secondary weapon: short sword
Magic: mixed magics user (all kinds)