Stories of the Scarlet Skye
- Book 1 -
The Dream Star Quest

item# 10001

Book 1, called The Dream Star Quest, introduces the story through the eyes of Carmine, a teenager living on the streets in a small port town. A shocking accident with magic (that she was only barely aware that she had) puts her on the run from the locals. At the same time, Crimson Skye, captain of a group of "adventurers for hire" ("TOTALLY NOT SKY PRIRATES! NOPE! NOT AT ALL!") happens through town searching for a heavy-hitter mage. Carmine's little magic outburst marks her as the precise mage Crim had been seeking to complete his quest. So off they set to assemble a Dream Star, an item which will grant the person who assembles it one wish. It seemed like a simple search-and-assemble mission until they started encountering other pirates, crazy monsters, and malicious arch mages... Now it looks like the wish from the Dream Star might be only a minor step in a larger scale problem.

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